Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Meeting Blue

If you know my son Quinn, you know he has 3 loves....besides his fabulous Mommy, of course!

1. Veggie Tales

2. His Penguin, Paddy

3. Blues Clues

I have been looking for a Blues Clues toy for him for MONTHS. Of course, with Blues Clues not being a current show ( it quit production of new episodes in 2006), it is really hard to find things like this in stores. We've even checked antique stores. Sometimes you can find a video or a book, but as for plush toys, we've only seen them online....until last week!

One of my co-workers has a ton of stuffed animals and other trinkets decorating his classroom. I had to stop by his room one day last week to deal with a student issue and I noticed he had a Blue toy sitting on his shelf. I've never noticed it before and so I asked him jokingly "How much do you want for that Blues Clues toy?" Then I explained Quinn's love for all things Blue and Mr. P said, "Just take it...his joy is payment enough!"

I was so pleased to present Quinn with his very own Blue.

He has carried Blue all over the house and on several trips in the car. Blue has been with us to Walmart and to the fire station. Here's hoping we never lose Blue, because I doubt I'll ever find another one.

And in case you are wondering, yes, Blue brought along a Handy Dandy Notebook complete with a green crayon!

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Kim said...

Maybe you should micro chip Blue just in case he gets lost :)