Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Snowy Vacation

Christmas break was just what we needed. Being a teacher, I had 2 weeks off, of course, but Buddy usually has to schedule vacation days at this time. However, due to a lot of out-of-town work this fall, he had not been able to use his days, so he took a week and a half off at Christmas! Just what we all needed...some overdue family time!

We spent Christmas Eve and the day before with my family. We left on Christmas Day and chased a snow storm halfway to Buddy's parents' house. The snow caught up with us on the 26th, and dumped 8-10 inches of snow on eastern NC.

Quinn is always amazed to see the snow fall. He always holds out his hands and exclaims "Yook snow-in!"

My attempt at nature photography. But notice how much snow is already on the tree limbs...and there was still hours and hours of snow that fell after I took this picture!

Patriotic Snow!

Self portrait fun! Amazingly, at this point, the snow wasn't sticking to the roads yet!

Quinn shares his name with his dad and his papa. They all have a family name, with Papa being the Third, Buddy being the Fourth, and Quinn being the Fifth. (Quinn = Five!) If you don't know what their real name is, ask me sometime. It's quite the mouthful!

A snowy walk is fun until you face-plant in the snow. Quinn didn't want to walk in it too much after this.

(And there is sweet little Charlie dog....remember him?)

My little family in the snow. We had SNOW much fun on our Christmas break!

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