Saturday, February 4, 2012

Biker Boy

Buddy and I decided to get Quinn a bike for his birthday.  With his birthday falling just 15 days after Christmas, we always try to come up with 2 really nice big present ideas and do one at Christmas and the other for his birthday.

We found him a really nice blue bike and got Spiderman accessories to go with it. Quinn is really in to Spiderman right now, thanks to a little friend at school. So his helmet, elbow/knee pads, and riding gloves have Spiderman on them.

We gave him his bike after church on the day before his birthday, since Monday nights we always spend at the fire station for training, and his party wasn't until Saturday. We didn't even wait to change out of our church clothes....someone was too excited!!

Buddy did the typical "dad" thing and pushed him around the street several times. Quinn definitely has a lot to learn with regard to pedaling, but this is a work in progress!!

He is so proud of his bike, or as he calls it, his "motorcycle"!

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Anonymous said...

Quinn really loves that bike!!!