Sunday, February 5, 2012

Quinn's First Report Card

Quinn received his mid-year K-3 Progress Report this past week.  It had several categories, including
  • "How I Feel" (does he play well with others, good attitude about school, etc) 
  • Gross Motor Skills (kicking a ball, hopping on one foot, balancing on one foot, etc)
  • Fine Motor Skills (gluing, cutting with scissors, painting, zippers, etc)
  • Personal Care (going to the bathroom, getting dressed, etc)
There were some other categories, but I had to turn it back in to his teacher and was not able to write them all down.

Quinn received all G's, which means Good Progress Made, except for one area. 

He received a W for Working On, in the area of cutting with scissors. I am not sure if he has just started learning this, or if he's tried all year and can't get the hang of it.  Either way, I'm not concerned. If that's his only area to "work on", then this boy is doing great!!

And he was so proud of his "Giant Good Note" as he calls it!!


Grandma said...

Very proud of you, Quinn. You are such a smart young man. Keep up the good work.


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Sounds like a GREAT report card to me! Way to go Quinn!

Ashley Beth said...

So sweet! I hope he always calls it the Giant Good Note =) Way to go Quinn!