Saturday, February 4, 2012

School Spirit Week

Quinn's school had their School Spirit Week the second week of January, to coincide with Homecoming on that Friday night.  Each day of the week was a different dress-up theme. Quinn got to participate in several of them. I was so excited, because for several years now, my church friends have posted pictures of their kids during Spirit Week...and now Quinn got to have his turn as well.

Monday, January 9th was "Favorite Character Day".  I wanted to dress Quinn up in his Woody costume from Halloween, but remembered it was a one piece suit. I figured it would cause to many bathroom issues, so we went with his Spiderman shirt instead.

Tuesday, January 10th was "Sports Team Day". Quinn wore a Clemson basketball jersey. His orange shirt certainly stood out brightly in the sea of Carolina Blue, Duke Blue, and Panther Black-n-Blue!  It was also the day he took cupcakes to school to celebrate his 4th birthday, which was the day before. We took football cupcakes on this day so he could celebrate with his K-3 class that meets on Tuesdays.

Wednesday, January 11th was "Pajama Day" but K-3 was allowed to do this on Thursday, the 12th instead.  The Thursday theme of "Multiplicity" would have been a bit tough for little kids....dressing the exact same as friends. Quinn's Show-n-Tell day is also on a Thursday, which is why "Bob and Larry" are in the picture with him!


Friday, the 13th, was School Spirit Day, so everyone wore school colors of Red, White, and Blue. The mascot is The Patriot! Didn't get a picture of this day, but Quinn did wear a red shirt.  I tried to get him to wear his new school sweatshirt he got from Nana for Christmas, but it's a little big and he wouldn't put it on.

I was so glad Quinn got to participate! We love our school!!


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Sounds like such a fun week! And what a little cutie!

Anonymous said...

Just love the orange amoung the blue. We have to start early to make sure Quinn's blood runs "orange"!!!