Saturday, February 4, 2012

Everybody knows that a dog's best friend is a human.....

I love that quote from Lady and The Tramp!

Quinn and Tillman have been best friends since the day we brought Quinn home. For a brief moment in time, they were actually the same size!!

Lately, Quinn and Tillman have taken to snuggling together on the couch, especially on cold mornings. Our routine is that when Buddy gets out of the shower, he wakes Quinn up and brings him to our room for a few extra minutes of sleep. When Buddy leaves for work, Quinn comes out on the couch to watch a cartoon while I get ready. He always wants to cover up with this fuzzy orange blanket (that Tillman happens to love). Usually I come out to get Quinn ready to get dressed to find them snuggling.

Except, one morning recently, I came out to get Quinn and found this.

Yep, that's Quinn, feeding his Cheerios, aka "snack" to Tillman!  You can see that Tillman doesn't think this is a bad plan at all.

There's just nothing like the love of your furry best friend!!


Anonymous said...

How sweet. Tilman loves his treats!!!


Ashley Beth said...

Love this post - sweetness =)