Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gopher Buddies Awards Night

Our church's children and youth participate in Word of Life clubs for Bible Study on Wednesday nights. Quinn's age level group is called Gopher Buddies.

Quinn has a devotion book that we work through and special Bible verses to learn. The leaders also read a required book to the children each month. They participate in Christian service projects and get credits for coming to church on Sunday.  Then the WOL clubs have awards nights several times a year during the Wednesday night service.

The first awards night Quinn didn't get any awards. I had trouble this fall figuring out how to help him learn his required verses for Mrs. James's K-3 class at school, and then help him learn these additional verses for Gopher Buddies. Only one verse was the same for both groups, and the Gopher Buddies verses were longer, since they are meant for children up to age 5. One of the ladies who helps his group has a daughter who is in Quinn's preschool class. She mentioned that she helped her daughter learn her GB verse on the alternate week from Mrs. James's verse.  That helped, and so in January, when there was another award's night Quinn finally received his prizes!

Here he is with the Gopher Buddies group. I have no idea if this is all the children, but it is a large group!  Quinn is on the end of the second row. The girl beside him is in his class at school, but the other kids are some of the 5 year olds....and Quinn is their height!

They sang two songs, and then one of the workers came up to pass out the awards.

Quinn made "Membership" into the Gopher Buddies Club, which earned him the official Gopher Buddy Bag. He also earned "Level 1", which earned him a patch to go on the bag. 

He was so proud to show off his awards when we got home! Now, I've got figure out how to iron on the patch!

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Anonymous said...

So proud of you and Buddy to make sure Quinn is getting active in church just like the both of you were brought up. You are good parents and I love you both.