Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A little bit makes for big fun!

I wanted something fun for Quinn to be able to play with on hot days this summer. A neighbor friend told me about something called water beads. These are actually meant to be a decorative way to keep flowers fresh, but they have made for some fun play days.

These beads are super tiny at first. They are in the little packages.

You put the beads in a bowl and add a lot of water. The beads absorb the water and swell up. It takes about 6 hours or so for the beads to get to their full size. We added the water after breakfast and checked on them throughout the day. After nap time, they were ready! Because they are water-filled, they are able to keep the plants fresh, but it makes for some fun for a little boy!

Quinn absolutely loves his water beads. I give him several bowls, measuring cups and spoons, and he just has a blast. As the water begins to evaporate out, the beads begin to shrink, but adding water swells them right back to normal size. 

Even Daddy got in on the fun after a hard day's work!

These packs of beads only cost about $2 at Walmart, but the fun it has brought us has been priceless!!

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