Friday, June 15, 2012

"Aunt Camp" with Aunt Dawn

Buddy has 3 sisters. Kristel lives in the eastern part of NC, about 5 minutes from where his parents live. Fran lives in Ohio. The oldest sister, Dawn, is now living not very far from us in NC. In fact, we can be at her house in about a half hour or so! We are loving having family nearby.

I had to go back to work the last two weeks of the school year, so Dawn offered to help. She came up one day to our house, and then my last three work days, she brought Quinn to her house to spend a few days with her. She called it "Aunt Camp", and boy did she keep him busy! Here are some pictures of his time with Aunt Dawn.

There was homemade play dough.

Coloring books and "Screen Time" on the computer.

Aunt Dawn teaches preschool, so she had made Quinn an Alphabet book, with sections for each letter. She bought him his own scissors so he could practice cutting (his one "needs improvement") and practice his letters.

He got to be the "little brother" with his older, teenage cousins Tre and Ethan. They played board games with him and showed him some skills on the basketball court.

One day they went to a children's museum with a cowboy exhibit. I guess Quinn found a cowboy hat at Aunt Dawn's house because he wore it at breakfast, and throughout most of the day.

There was also sidewalk chalk drawings.....

And getting spoiled....

Quinn loved his time at his Aunt Dawn's house!  The next morning when he woke up he said "Mommy I'm so sad. I miss my Aunt Dawn so much!!!"

Luckily, since Aunt Dawn lives close by (and has invited us to her pool) I'm sure we will get to visit with her a lot more!  Thanks again Dawn for helping me out! Means more than you will ever know!

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Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I remember a couple of summers when I was a kid that I got to go stay at my Aunt's house for several days. I had the best time - just like Quinn!