Friday, June 8, 2012

Just when I thought I knew everything about her.....

I've always said that my Mom is my best girl friend. We have been peas in a pod for a long time now. Growing up as an only child, Mom and I always did tons of things together. My dad had to work out of town a lot....quite a sacrifice on his part, as he easily could have moved us Mom and I were always together.  And by spending time together, we've had many conversations about all topics under the sun.

So I thought I knew just about everything there is to know about my mom, like....

How she met my dad while at a square dance....and yes she had the puffy skirt dresses to go with it!

How ticklish her feet are...she will literally kick you if necessary!

How she once got a really bad spanking because she pushed her sister's head (my Aunt Linda) under the bathtub water.

How she used to wait at the end of her street for her uncle who drove the ice cream truck to come home, and she and her cousins would ride home on the sides of his truck.

How she cleaned the entire house and watched her brother (my Uncle Jim) play baseball the day before I was born.

How I was born on my actual due date and the anesthesia knocked her out so much she practically missed me being born!

The time when she was having back problems and literally couldn't move out of bed, Dad was out of town working, and I had to do all the grocery shopping by myself.

How she never missed a single one of my performances when I was in marching band in high school...she went to EVERY.SINGLE. football game, parade, competition, etc.

I could keep going, but you get the picture.

And then I discovered something new....Mom has never eaten chicken wings!

Until tonight!

Love ya Momma!!

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Anonymous said...

Now you've let out all my secrets!!!

You're my best friend too. You are my shining star and the pride of my life. You're a wonderful wife and mother and I am so grateful that God chose you to bless me with. No mother could love their daughter more.

Now you've made me cry but I love you so much.