Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Gift From Down Under

Jacob has had quite the difficult time with teething. While he hasn't developed the ear infections like Quinn did (PTL!) he has been super fussy and crying a lot. I remembered that one of my friends posted a picture on Facebook of her daughter wearing a teething necklace so I sent her a message about it.  It would have been hard to call her, because my friend lives in Australia.

I have known Michal since we were about 18 months old...we attended the same daycare, and all the same schools from elementary, all the way to Clemson! Her dad and my mom also went to high school together. She told me about the necklace and how well it worked for her daughter. Then she offered to send a necklace to me for Jacob!

A few days ago we got a package from Down Under!  Notice the Australia post mark.

In the package was a Koala bear postcard, an info sheet about the necklace, and the necklace itself.

The necklace is made of amber, and as you wear the necklace, the amber resin absorbs into your body. Something in the amber provides the analgesic affect that products like Orajel do, without having to apply a medicine to your gums. Plus it looks pretty stylish too!

Here's Jacob sporting his "Aussie Bling"!!

(Side Note...he's been wearing it several days now, and some new teeth have emerged....I didn't know they were there because he wasn't fussy, didn't drool, and didn't cry!  Guess this really works!)

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