Thursday, August 30, 2012

My New Morning Routine

Now that school has started back and I have two boys to drop off in two different places, combined with a husband who must leave the house by 5:30am to get to his project by 7am, I have had to develop a new morning routine.  Some of the things I do at night, or I would never be ready on time.

On Sunday afternoons, we iron all the clothes for the week. It may seem a little silly to iron clothes will just get dirty since Buddy works on a construction site. Buddy says that just because he works on-site doesn't mean he will look like a slob at work. So yes, he or I will iron his clothes, my clothes and Quinn's clothes for the week on Sunday while the boys are napping.

Each evening, I make sure that Jacob's bottles have water in them and the formula is bagged up and in his "lunch bag". (When he starts eating solids, I will add that in too.) I do what I can to prep Buddy's and my lunch bags as well...bagging chips, veggies, or whatever else we want to take for lunch.

In the mornings, I get up at 4:30am, get my shower and make sandwiches for our lunch. Neither of us like sandwiches made the night before...too soggy. I also get the coffee made and make sure Buddy's out of the bed. He's a hard sleeper and never hears the alarm!  I try to get my breakfast eaten and then go wake up Jacob so I can give him a bottle before we leave. I also have Quinn up and let Dixie out. By now, Buddy has left for work. While I'm getting ready, Quinn watches Blue's Clues and eats his breakfast, and Jacob plays on the floor or takes a post-bottle power nap. Then I get the boys dressed and Dixie fed and put back in her kennel.  I load everything in the car, and down the road we go!  

The plan is to be out the door no later than I can drop Quinn off at the church, get Jacob down to Susan's house, and back to the other side of town at my school by 7:30am.  My goal is 7:30 because sometimes we have faculty meetings before school and they always start at 7:30am. 

Whew...makes me tired re-living it...makes me tired doing it!

But this is my life right now....and I'm thankful for it!

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Diane Teague said...

Good for you. Enjoy each moment, they won't stay little long.