Monday, August 20, 2012

Quinn's First Day of K-4 Preschool

Today was Quinn's first day of K-4 preschool.  Quinn will continue attending the Christian School at our church. He was so excited to be going back to school. There were many times throughout the summer that he would say, "Mommy, is today my school day?"

This picture really shows how much Quinn grew in a year. Last year on his first day, his eyes were even with the doorknob!

Hanging his book bag on his hook.

So excited!!

Getting a welcome back hug from Mrs. James, who was also his K-3 teacher! I was thrilled that Quinn gets to be in her class again!  He will have her three days a week...Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The other days he will stay in the daycare room.

His name on the wall. The K-4s are puppies, and the K-3s are kittens.

Exploring the toys

A view of the classroom

The American Flag, Christian Flag, and Bible are prominently displayed!!

Quinn's name is the little yellow one under the big purple one.

Quinn leads the birthday train...he's the only January birthday.

I got my hug and kiss goodbye and as I turned around for one last peek, he was busily playing, barely even noticing I was gone.  And I'm glad for that. It tells me he is very comfortable with Mrs. James and he loves school. I am so happy he's here and so proud of what he will learn.

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