Saturday, January 12, 2013

School Spirit Week

School Spirit Week at Quinn's school is usually held during the first weeks of January, to coincide with the school's homecoming game and pageant.  Last year and this year it fell on the week of Quinn's birthday!

Unfortunately for us, some of the dress-up ideas were a little too difficult for this non-creative mama.

Monday was "Medieval Day".  This is easy if you are a girl.  Put them in the Princess costume of your choice and you are done. For boys, this means being a knight, a jester, or a king/prince.  If I had more time, maybe I could have consulted with crafty friends to help me come up with an outfit, but this time, it meant buying a costume.  So we did not participate on this day.

Tuesday was "Alphabet Day".  Each homeroom chose a letter and kids dressed up with things that started with that letter. Quinn's class got the letter P.  Girls wore polka-dots or pink.  Quinn wore what any country boy would wear....PLAID. And he insisted I wear purple.

Wednesday was Pajama Day (and Quinn's birthday.....separate post)

Thursday was Character Quinn wore his Super Mario Bros (no picture).

Friday was Red, White, and Blue colors. And I didn't get a picture of this either.

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