Saturday, January 26, 2013

Why, yes, that IS a rocketship in my living room!

Over the Christmas holidays, we did not get to travel due to Buddy's work situation.  When everyone came for Quinn's birthday, they also brought our Christmas presents.

I can't remember if it was Evan or Mackenzie who pulled Quinn's name for the cousin exchange, but Buddy's sister, Fran, was really excited about the gift they had chosen for him.  So much so, that on their way back to Ohio, they were going to come by for lunch just so they could see Quinn open the gift.  Unfortunately they got a stomach bug and opted to NOT visit...for which I'm very grateful!

When I saw the box, it was large, and I'm not quite sure what I thought it would be, but I certainly wasn't expecting this.....

The box is upside down, but you can see it shows a picture of a rocket ship.  What you CAN'T see, is that the box says it is 5 FEET LONG! Hmm.........

I will honestly tell you trying to put this together about put me in the mental hospital.  Who would have thought that cardboard could make you feel so stupid.  I literally had to walk away from the kit because it was driving me foolish.  Luckily for all involved, Buddy stepped in to help. If he can build multi-million dollar offices and other buildings, surely he can put together a silly cardboard rocket ship.  (He had trouble too....just so you know!)

After a lot of heartache, sweat, and a tear or two (that was me), we now have THIS in our foyer.

So if you stop by, don't be alarmed.  We won't be sending you to a galaxy far far away!

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